Part C Medicare Advantage Plans – Some facts

Part C and Medicare Advantage Plans are considered to be the same. For enrolling in Part C Medicare, the person is required to first get enrolled with Part A & B of Medicare. The guidelines and restrictions that determine for Part A & B eligibility tends to apply for those enrolling with Part C. Even though it is Medicare provided plan, it gets furnished through an independent provider. It is through Medicare fund that Part A & B is paid and is funded through budget appropriations and Social Security Tax. Part C is found not to be separate from that of Medicare. But the plan does allow freedom of choice with regards to who will be managing the insurance and the benefits to receive.  For more information go to

What coverage is offered by Part C?

Part C plans or Medicare Advantage Plans is likely to differ slightly which depends upon the provider offering coverage. But majority of the providers are known to offer plans that cover nursing homes, hospital stays, medical home visits, etc. Similar benefits enjoyed under Part A & B of Medicare are provided by insurance companies specializing in such private healthcare plans. Every insurance provider has own set of regulations, rules, restrictions and premiums. This might prove to be a disadvantage for few, since the charges are much higher when compared to standard Medicare. Again, reflecting Medicare Advantage, serious improvement over standard Medicare rates of the individual.

Types of Part C plans available

Most insurance providers over privately held Medicare Part A & B variations are known to cover variety of requirements, except for hospice care that Original Medicare covers, even if Advantage or Part C plan is preferred for coverage. The plan selected will depend fully on the hospitals and doctors to visit, be those providers within the specific plan’s network as well as the rate eager to pay for availing the coverage. HMO and PPO plans, doctors within the plan’s network are to be selected, or else the cost to visit the out of network doctors will increase.

Why get enrolled in Part C Medicare?

Those eager to buy insurance plan from any private company and still enjoy similar Original Medicare benefits can get Part C plans. Medicare Advantage Plans also offers those benefits not provided by Original Medicare like coverage for hearing, vision wellness and dental programs. Rather than paying individually for each service, it can be rolled into the plan.