Healthy Treats For Elderly

It can be hard to fight the need to eat something sweet and what’s even harder is trying to find something healthy that will make your sweet tooth go away for awhile. It can be very hard to do this which is why this article will show you the different things that you can eat for dessert as a senior without making you feel like crap for eating a dessert.

The first thing that you can eat that is healthy is a piece of fruit, fruit is very sweet and can most likely make your sweet tooth go away because of the natural sweets that it contains. Fruit does have a lot of fruit but it is good natural fruit and not sugar that is made from not healthy sugar like cane sugar. Candy and candy bars contain a lot of not healthy sugar that isn’t good for you at all since they contain a lot of carbs and don’t have any protein or anything that is good for you pretty much. Fruit is for sure a good choice to reach for if you feel like you really need to eat something sweet.

Another good option is to eat a protein bar but as long as it is one that doesn’t have a lot of sugar and instead has a lot of protein and things that are good for your body. But bars that are only made up of natural things like dates and other healthy natural options are fine to choose since they aren’t made up of unhealthy sugars and instead come from fruits and natural sugars. If you feel like you need something more dense and filling and something that tastes more like a treat than fruit does then it is good to pick this option instead of fruit if you feel the need to.

The last option that is a good choice is dark chocolate. This can actually be healthy for you and can be good for you body and actually give you benefits. But it is only good for you if you eat it in moderation and not in large portions. Just make sure that if you are going to eat this that you don’t eat a lot of it and instead eat only a couple pieces at a time. Whatever treat you eat just make sure it is healthy and not bad for you.