The Effectiveness of a Medicare Supplement plans


According to the survey carried out by the U.S. Government, an average human being spends about 20% of his total earning on medical expenses. There can be several reasons why we invest such a large amount of health-related expenses. Firstly, change in our lifestyle. In the present day, our lifestyle has changed drastically with respect to the lifestyle we led twenty years back. Secondly, the amount of pollution due to industrialization has a severe negative impact on our health.


People who can actually benefit from this:

A person who is still working is mostly medically insured by the company they are working for. But a retired person who is no longer working can face serious financial problem while paying medical bills. Mostly all of us have a basic medical insurance called Original Insurance which covers the hospital and medical bills but there are still certain expenses that are not covered by this insurance. There is a medical insurance which is offered by private insurance companies to fulfill this gap. It is known as Medicare Supplement plans.

Working of the Medigap:

The work of the Medicare Supplement plans is to supplement the Original insurance. The amount that is not covered by the basic insurance plan may sound to be less but in reality, it can become quite a sum and old people may face serious issues dealing with them.


There are some eligibility criteria to buy a Medicare Supplement plans. A person must at least be 65 years old, but in some states of the USA, there are certain companies who sell this plan to people less than 65 years of age. A person must have an Original Insurance before buying this Medigap Plan.

The Medicare Supplement plans found at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.comare not a stand-alone insurance and it can only assist the Original Insurance. Many people often confuse this plan with Medical Advantage Plan. The work of the Medical Advantage Plan is to enhance the Original Insurance but Medigap only bridges the gap between the hospital bill and Original Insurance.

Premium Policy:

Since there are many insurance agencies that sell Medicare Supplement plans, the pricing or premium policy is different for each agency. Some price the plan irrespective of the age of the insurer, some calculate the premium based on the edge of the insurer when he bought it and another policy is yearly calculation of premium where the insurer’s present age is taken into consideration. The Supplement Plan is valid outside the boundaries of the United States as well.

Reasons for Which You Should Get Informed About the Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are above the age of 65, it is most likely that you are now getting the benefits of the Medicare plans. However, there are certain sectors where you face the problem of paying an extra amount of money. Now, bearing additional healthcare costs instead of paying the premiums of a complete medical insurance plan is quite troublesome. This is where you need to come under the benefits offered by the Medicare Supplement Plans. Following are the reasons for which you should consider buying this highly advantageous policy:

Hassle-free medical care security


You don’t need to remember in what types of sectors the disbursements will not be covered by your insurance policy. Once you come under the Medicare Supplement Plans, it becomes the day of your insurance company to look after all of these matters. Expenses like copayments, coinsurance, and the deductibles are usually not provided by the Original Medicare plans. All of the expenses charges are covered by the supplementary schemes. And because of that, your life would become more comfortable and completely stress-free.

Continuing service

The services provided by these Medicare Supplement Plans are automatically renewable. The insurance company does not hold the authority of stopping or canceling the contract until you stop paying the premiums of the policy. It means you will get continued medical care services as long as you remain able to pay the premium.


The Medicare Supplement Plans are selected by more than a few people every year for not only their supply benefits but also for some unique and fabulous facilities. Generally, the Medicare plans don’t work once you step out of your state. While traveling, you may find this particular feature to be extremely problematic as receiving healthcare services would become hazardous during the moments of emergency in some distant land. However, the supplementary medical plan holders can heave a sigh of relief here as changing the geographical location does not affect receiving the medical care services.

But, some areas are there where you cannot expect to have the benefits of the supplement plans like prolonged medical care, optical/dental/hearing problems, the requirement for private nursing, and so on. In addition to that, these plans are generally not allowed to the Medicare Medical Savings Account holders. For the prescription drug coverage, you need to join a separate policy as this coverage has not anymore provided by the supplement plans.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

The best Medicare supplement plans for 2019 have been evaluated and determined by healthcare experts based on the customer reviews, expert feedback and cost analysis of each supplement plan. If you take a look at each Medicare plan in totality of the previous years, it is hard to choose a plan that is perfect or flawless on its own. The best Medigap for 2019 should not be unrealistically expected to have unreal or flawless features. In fact, it should be treated as being something very average and normal that is only available to cater to healthcare needs of people.

What Do Medicare Plans Offer?

As we all know, Medicare supplement plans also known as the Medigap supplement programs are designed to cover the medical costs that are not originally covered by the state insurance plans. Hence, it is clear to see that the intention of these plans is to provide temporary relief to individuals.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

When you set out to choose a Medicare supplement plan for yourself or any of your near and dear one – you have to remember that not all insurance plans are designed to offer the same services. Each plan is designed to cater to varying medical and healthcare needs. We have picked out the best supplement plans based on our personal experience and analysis.

No. 1 – AARP by United Healthcare Review

The AARP is an American based healthcare service institution that is dealing in serving the elderly citizens of the society. This association takes pride in serving more than 130+ million members with superlative healthcare and medical services. The biggest reason for this company to sit on the top slots of the best supplement plans for the past and upcoming years is because of the transparency and honesty it offers to the customers. The supplement plan is 100% customizable and can be modified as per the individual preferences and needs. Moreover, this supplement healthcare plan is designed to cater to varying needs of the people by offering thorough help at all times of day and night. The biggest highlight of this Medicare supplement plan is that it has more than 10+ healthcare plans ready for you to avail. You can choose one that suits your preferences best.

No. 2 – Mutual of Omaha

Another top rated Medicare healthcare program sponsored by the United States firm Nebraska Fortune 500 health insurance is the mutual of Omaha plan. This plan has been rated with full stars by the people because of its financial stability and clear cost listings. Moreover, there is a wide range of healthcare services that is being covered by the Mutual of Omaha Medicare plans. The subscribed member will hardly have to face any restriction when it comes to the service healthcare plan. It caters to individuals who are above 50+ years of age and are retired from current job. You can look up a local office in a nearby location to associate with to avail healthcare services.

Cost of Medicare Supplement Plans

“Premium” is a major factor that determines the price of Medicare Supplement Plans. If you are running on a budget, you must choose supplemental plans based on the amount you can pay every month. The premium depends on your Medigap plan. Also, it depends on the insurance service provider.

Every state offers 10 types of supplemental plans. The features and benefits of these plans are standardized. This means all states (except Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Minnesota) offer the same benefits and features.

Always bear in mind that insurance service providers decide on the monthly premiums. This is why your premiums can differ between insurance companies.

For example, Medigap Supplement Plan A from one company can cost more than the policy from another company in a different state. Yet, both the service providers will offer similar benefits and features.

How are Supplement Plans Priced?

As mentioned previously, premiums differ because of the insurance service provider. The healthcare insurance company decides on the premium for each Medigap plan. Most companies decide price based on the following factors:

  • Attained age rated plans depend on the beneficiaries’ If you are a young buyer, the plans will be inexpensive. As you age, the premiums are likely to increase. Premiums of Attained-age-rated plans increase with inflation.
  • Issue age rated policies are also known as “Entry Age Rated”. These plans depend on the insurer’s age during purchase. Insurers of the same age will be asked to pay the same premium. Issue age rated policies are cheap for younger buyers. Premiums of issue age rated policies increase only with inflation.
  • Community-rated policies are also known as “No Age Rated”. As suggested by its name, the policy doesn’t depend on your age. Premiums of community-rated policies increase with inflation and other factors (except age).

Other Factors

Another important factor that influences premiums is “Time”. The ideal time to buy Medigap plans in 2019 is during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period. This period begins after you are 65. If you have guaranteed issue rights, the Medigap Open Enrollment Period lasts for 6 months. During this time, insurance companies cannot deny you a supplemental plan.

Most insurance service providers have rewards and discounts for:

  • Couples with two different policies
  • Non-smokers
  • People who use NEFT to pay bills
  • People who make annual payments

Question the Insurance Company!

If you wish to bag a great healthcare insurance plan at a low price, you must question as many companies as possible. Compare at least three different service providers.

Part C Medicare Advantage Plans – Some facts

Part C and Medicare Advantage Plans are considered to be the same. For enrolling in Part C Medicare, the person is required to first get enrolled with Part A & B of Medicare. The guidelines and restrictions that determine for Part A & B eligibility tends to apply for those enrolling with Part C. Even though it is Medicare provided plan, it gets furnished through an independent provider. It is through Medicare fund that Part A & B is paid and is funded through budget appropriations and Social Security Tax. Part C is found not to be separate from that of Medicare. But the plan does allow freedom of choice with regards to who will be managing the insurance and the benefits to receive.  For more information go to

What coverage is offered by Part C?

Part C plans or Medicare Advantage Plans is likely to differ slightly which depends upon the provider offering coverage. But majority of the providers are known to offer plans that cover nursing homes, hospital stays, medical home visits, etc. Similar benefits enjoyed under Part A & B of Medicare are provided by insurance companies specializing in such private healthcare plans. Every insurance provider has own set of regulations, rules, restrictions and premiums. This might prove to be a disadvantage for few, since the charges are much higher when compared to standard Medicare. Again, reflecting Medicare Advantage, serious improvement over standard Medicare rates of the individual.

Types of Part C plans available

Most insurance providers over privately held Medicare Part A & B variations are known to cover variety of requirements, except for hospice care that Original Medicare covers, even if Advantage or Part C plan is preferred for coverage. The plan selected will depend fully on the hospitals and doctors to visit, be those providers within the specific plan’s network as well as the rate eager to pay for availing the coverage. HMO and PPO plans, doctors within the plan’s network are to be selected, or else the cost to visit the out of network doctors will increase.

Why get enrolled in Part C Medicare?

Those eager to buy insurance plan from any private company and still enjoy similar Original Medicare benefits can get Part C plans. Medicare Advantage Plans also offers those benefits not provided by Original Medicare like coverage for hearing, vision wellness and dental programs. Rather than paying individually for each service, it can be rolled into the plan.